Sanwo-Olu tasks citizens on managing commercial, industrial wastes

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In his efforts to ensure that Lagos averts the risk of being overrun by wastes, the state governor has tásked citizens to collectively deal with the large amounts of domestic, commercial and industrial waste generated daily across the city.

At the formal launch of the Financial Center for Sustainability, Lagos (FC4S Lagos), on Friday in Lagos, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu noted that as a coastal city, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, “Lagos is at the mercy of rising sea levels. Our traffic situation means that the population is at the mercy of unchecked levels of emissions arising from the largest concentration of automobiles in Nigeria.”

The event themed, “The Role And Importance Of Sustainable financing in tackling environmental/climate challenges in Nigeria,” Sanwo-Olu stated that for “Lagos to survive, and thrive, we must take environmental issues seriously. We are a city that combines the exploding population with very limited landmass, which puts our resources – land, water, and so on, picture precarious shape.”

He said that the “environment is, of course, one of the planks of that ambition. The ‘H’, as you might be aware, stands for Health and Environment.
We are gathered here this morning to celebrate the result of the hard work they put into establishing the Centre and gaining, in record time, the credibility and prestige that has earned it admission into the International Network of Financial Centers for Sustainability, as the 23rd member of the network.”

Commending Lagos for once again leading in matters of environmental sustainability, the governor said that “In 2018, the first Sovereign Green Bond to be issued in Africa was listed here in Lagos, on no less a platform than the FMDQ OTC Securities

Sanwo -Olu noted that Lagos continues to demonstrate that it is a region that can hold its own on the global stage, as well as host pioneering initiatives in this mould.

Indeed, our status as one of Africa’s leading economies can never be gainsaid. It is in keeping with this status and cementing it, that our administration rolled out the T.H.E.M.E.S Agenda as our development blueprint aimed at making Lagos at

“So there are huge opportunities everywhere. But to convert these opportunities to manifest reality, great amounts of investment are needed, especially from the private sector.

While noting that private capital is very much needed, and indeed is the only resource that can make the needed difference, the governor said that transitioning from our carbon-heavy present to the low-carbon, climate-resilient future that we owe future generations, requires a great deal of money and resource. Constructing the infrastructure upon which that future will sit requires mobilising unprecedented amounts of funding, as does mitigate the short- and medium-term costs of the transition he said.

And that’s where the Centre for Financial Sustainability, Lagos, makes a very timely and welcome entrance into the picture Keeping in mind the absolute necessity and importance of mobilizing private capital, it is easy to see why the establishment of the LF4CS is one of the best things to have happened to Lagos in a while.

Behind and within it are some of the brightest financial and economic minds this country and the world have ever produced. They have advised subnational and national governments, consulted for global giants, raised substantial amounts of money for business and investment, and generally built their careers doing big things in big ways.
Lagos is proud to host the LFC4S, and I would like to use this opportunity to pledge our total.


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