Falana, T’Tennis lovers admonish for more T’Tennis competitions in the country

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The winner of the National Under-21 Girl’s Junior Table Tennis championship, Iyanuoluwa Falana has called on the federal government of Nigeria, Nigeria Table Tennis Federation (NTTF) and all other stakeholders in the sports industry to find a way of putting up viable and regular table tennis competitions that will not only discover the budding talents in the country but as well put Nigeria as one of the power to reckon with as far as the game of table tennis is concerned.
The elated Ondo state table tennis player who in the Girl’s category, defeated her opponent, Vivian Ekpeyong 4-3 in a tension soaked game said lack of adequate tournament has left the game in a state of comatose thereby leaving it to limp on one leg.
“Imaging having 2 or 3 of this kind of tournament in a year, more players no doubt would have been discovered and the level of the game itself would also have gone beyond what we have today”. she posited
“Bringing on more competitions will give the game of table tennis a facelift and turn the fortune the game around for good. It’s only when drastic steps are taken to do as mentioned above that can we hive a breath of relief”.
She, however, commended the organisers and sponsors of the tournament for the yeoman’s job while she called on corporate individuals and organisations to come on board and give the game of table tennis the needed boost for it to move to the next level.
In the same vein, one of the table tennis enthusiasts who did not want his name in the news also hinted that all hands must be on deck to ensure table tennis is returned to its glory days when it used to witness uncountable competitions that produced the likes of Atanda Musa, Kubrat Owolabi, Monday Morontoun, Funke Oshinaike and Segun Toriola. to mention but few
Meanwhile, in the Junior under-21 Boys category, Mati Taiwo proved his worth to the spectators who were spellbound by his skill on the table as he bashed his counterpart by 3-2 to lift the trophy of the tournament.
Though, he lost the opening match by (5-11) and the third match by (10-12) to his club mate, Umoh Amadi from Ondo state while he set the pace in the fourth and fifth rounds with (11-6, 14-12) win respectively. He returned into the game in the second round to win by (11-8) for himself after the opening match loss
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